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As a business you send many important e-mails to your customers. Invoices, renewal notices, and important announcements are just a few of the many things you may communicate to your customers via e-mail.

Wouldn't it be great if you could tell if your customers have read the e-mails you have sent? Now you can!

TH E-mail Status allows you to track the e-mails you send, and see which ones have been opened.

Once this module is activated a Tracking ID and invisible tracking pixel will be added to the footer of all e-mails sent by WHMCS to your customers, and you can see which messages have been read from the WHMCS Administration Area.

E-mail Tracking

This module allows you to see which e-mails have been opened from the "Emails" tab on the "Client Profile" page, and in the "System Email Message Log", in WHMCS. You can also see the date the e-mail was opened, and the IP address that was logged when the message was viewed.


Easily get a quick overview of how many e-mails you are sending, and how many of them are being opened, from the TH E-mail Status summary page.


Quick and easy configuration
Requires only a simple template modification
Simple statistics about your sent e-mail messages
Each e-mail is assigned a unique tracking ID
See which e-mails have been opened by your customers
Quick information at a glance

Standard Version - $20 CAD

Annual License for 1 WHMCS site
  + 12 months support and updates.

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Version: 1.2.0
WHMCS V7 Compatible
WHMCS V6 Compatible
PHP 7 Compatible
PHP 5.6 Compatible

License Information

Purchase of this module includes an annual license, and one year of updates and support. Continued access to updates and support after this period will require the renewal of your license. A renewal order will be issued two weeks prior to your license expiring, and you can cancel your subscription at any time through the Client Area.

A Standard License allows you to install the module on one (1) WHMCS website. Installation on additional sites will require the purchase of additional licenses.

Install Instructions

  1. Download and unzip the module download from our site.
  2. Upload the module into your /modules/addons/ folder.
  3. Visit your admin area and navigate to Setup / Addon Modules.
  4. Click the module Activate button.
  5. Click Configure to display the module options.
  6. Enter your license key, and check the appropriate access rights.
  7. Click the Save button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers will this module work with? This module will work on any modern browser with JavaScript enabled. WHMCS uses JavaScript, so this shouldn't be a problem.

How does this module track opened e-mails? This module uses an invisible tracking pixel embedded in your e-mail messages to determine if an e-mail has been opened. Tracking pixels are the industry standard for open tracking but they do have some limitations. Because it relies on a hidden graphic embedded in your message, open tracking won't work in plain-text e-mails or if your customers or their email client have chosen not to display images. You can ask your subscribers to add you to their address book, or choose to display images in their email client, to get more accurate open tracking.

How many sites can I install the module on? The standard module license is valid for 1 WHMCS install only. Additional sites will require an additional license.

How can I suggest a new feature or improvement for this module? To suggest an improvement to this module, please Contact Us.


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