Rent-to-Own Website Development

If you would like a website developed for your business but are not in a position to pay the cost up-front, or would like to spread the payments out over a longer period of time, our Rent-to-Own payment plan may be the best option for you.

How does the Rent-to-Own billing option work?

Rent-to-Own is a concept that has been used to make things like furniture, appliances, electronics, vehicles, and homes more affordable to purchase.

The idea is that you get to use your website while you pay the cost off through smaller monthly payments. Once the payments have been completed the website is yours to keep, with no additional costs.

With our Rent-to-Own billing option you make a down payment at the start of the project to cover the cost of your hosting, plus a portion of the development costs. The remaining costs are paid off over time through monthly payments.

During the billing term you are free to use the website as your own.

Once the total balance has been paid the website is yours to keep. At that point you have two options available:

  1. You can continue to use your TiVaHost hosting account.
  2. You can transfer your website to another hosting provider of your choosing.

Rent-to-Own Payment Structure

With the Rent-to-Own billing option you can get a professionally designed website, and pay it off through monthly installment payments.

Purchasing a website is similar to purchasing many other common items, like a car.

Some people buy a new car by going to the dealership, paying cash, and leaving with their new car. That is a great option if you can afford to pay the full cost up-front. However, most people choose to purchase a new car with the help of a bank, credit union, or another financing agency.

When a car is financed the financing agency purchases the car on your behalf and you get to use it as your own while you pay off the balance. While you do get to use your new car, the car does not actually belong to you until the full balance has been paid off.

In most cases when you purchase a car through a financing agency they charge interest on the purchase price for taking risks like:

  • Spending their own money to purchase the car,
  • Allowing you to pay the balance off over a longer period of time, and
  • Letting you use it before you have paid it off.

Purchasing a website is similar to purchasing a car in that we have to pay various costs associated with your website up-front, and have to spend the time to build it, while letting you pay it off over time. You also get to use the website as your own while you pay off the balance.

With our Rent-to-Own website we are taking on risks that are similar to the risks that a financing agency would take on when you finance a car as we are essentially offering you a line of credit. To lower the risks involved we have some requirements for our Rent-to-Own websites:

  • The website must be hosted with TiVaHost until the full balance has been paid off.
  • Interest will be added to the purchase price of the website.
  • Your monthly payments must be automatically processed.

TiVaHost Hosting Included

All Rent-to-Own websites include a TiVaHost hosting plan for the duration of the billing term. Your website will start on the Standard hosting plan and will be automatically upgraded, at no additional cost, if necessary. Details of our hosting plans can be found on our Website Hosting Packages page.

We will manage all aspects of your hosting account to keep things running smoothly.

Once you have paid the full balance you have the choice of continuing to use your TiVaHost hosting account, or moving your website to another hosting provider.

WordPress Update Service

Rent-to-Own Websites also come with our WordPress Update Service at no additional cost. This service ensures that your website is always up-to-date, and not left vulnerable due to outdated software.

With the WordPress Update Service we keep the following areas of your site updated:

  • WordPress Application Files
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes

Website Content Updates

Our Rent-to-Own websites also include standard content updates during the billing term. You get 30 minutes of website updates per month, which do not roll over if unused.

Website updates are limited to the following:

  • The addition, deletion, or modification of any text, images, links, or videos.
  • Modification of the header, footer, or menu.

Website updates do NOT include:

  • Updates to the layout of the website.


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Safe and Sound Residential Inspection Ltd.
"We switched to TiVaHost after almost 10 years with our prior web service provider. The transfer of information was handled by TiVaHost with minimal time and effort required by us, and with minimal disruption to our web presence during the change over.

I would highly recommend TiVaHost to new business, and more importantly to existing businesses who haven't evaluated their web presence and services in awhile."
Tom Gresham, Owner, Safe and Sound Residential Inspection Ltd. (St. John's, Canada)
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