Website Development Billing Options

We offer three different billing options for our web development packages. Below you will find information on the billing options that are available.

This billing option is well-suited for those that have already worked with us in the past, and are confident in the quality of work we provide.

If you choose to pay in advance you'll receive a 20% discount on the website development costs.

With this billing option payments are made as the website development progresses.

Down-Payment: 25%
Week 3-4: 50%
Website Completion: 25%

This option is great for people that want to spread the cost of a new website over a longer period of time. The website is fully yours to use while you pay off the development costs.

As is typical of installment plans, there is an interest charge when using this payment method.


Additional Notes

Payment Methods: We accept payments via credit card, PayPal, and Interac e-Transfer (Canada only). Payment for Rent-to-Own websites are currently only accepted via credit card.

Interest Rate: The current interest rate charged for Rent-to-Own websites is 20%. Interest is rolled into your monthly payments.

If I choose the Rent-to-Own billing option, how long must I make monthly payments for?
The billing term for Rent-to-Own websites is 24 months.

Can I pay off the Rent-to-Own payment balance BEFORE the end of the billing term?
Yes! There are NO early payment penalties! Please contact us via e-mail at billing@tivahost.com, or open a Support Ticket, and we will calculate your final payment amount.

I chose the Rent-to-Own billing option but now I no longer want/need the website. What do I do?
Please submit a written request via e-mail at billing@tivahost.com, or open a Support Ticket, at least thirty (30) days before your next payment is due. We will cancel your renewal and no further invoices will be generated. We will also take down your website and it will no longer be live on the web.

Please see our Refund Policy for more details.



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AEC News Today
"We switched to TiVaHost because of issues with our previous host, after TiVaHost reached out to us on Twitter. After switching to TiVaHost our problems were resolved, and we are now very happy with our hosting. I have already recommended TiVaHost to others due to the speed of servers, uptime, and technical support. We're delighted to be a customer of TiVaHost and fully expect that relationship to continue."
John Le Fevre, Managing Editor, AEC News Today (Khan Mean Chey, Cambodia)
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Our Promise To You

At TiVaHost, if you're not happy, we're not happy.
Your website will be available at least 99.9% of the time.
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