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Being able to respond to important events in your business is key to providing great customer service. When a potential client reaches out to you for information, being able to respond quickly can make or break the deal. Responding to messages from your existing clients can keep them happy, and can avoid frustrated rants in online forums.

WHMCS is great for automating many processes, and taking care of the day-to-day tasks required for the operation of your business. However, an important aspect that is missing from WHMCS is efficient and timely notifications.

TH Browser Notifications solves this problem using a custom notification system that alerts you to important events, allowing you to respond and take action immediately. Unlike many traditional browser notification scripts, TH Browser Notifications can display an alert on your screen, even if you are in another browser tab/window, or even another using another application! Never again will you miss important events!

TH Browser Notifications does not require the installation of any software on your computer, or any additional browser plugins. Once you activate the module in WHMCS, and configure the settings, you're ready to go!

Title Notifications

If 'Title Notifications' are enabled the browser title bar will be updated with information to alert you to new events. Quickly see the information you want to see, even when you are browsing in a different tab.

Audio Notifications

Enabling 'Audio Notifications' will cause a notification sound to play when a new event occurs. Audio notifications are a great way to get your attention, especially if you may not always be in front of your computer.

Pop-Up Notifications

One of the best features of this module is the ability to receive pop-up notifications using the Notifications API of modern browsers. With most browser pop-up notifications you need to actually be on the page to receive the pop-up messages. This makes them easy to miss if you are browsing in a different tab or window, or using a different application. With the TH Browser Notifications module it's much easier. By using the Notifications API we are able to show pop-up alerts outside of the browser window. So you can receive pop-up notifications while browsing the internet in another tab, or even while you are working in a different application, as long as you have your browser open and real-time updates enabled in the module settings.

Real-Time Updates

The standard version of WHMCS requires you to reload the page to check for things like new tickets, and pending orders. Refreshing pages can now be a thing of the past! This module can run in the background, notifying you immediately upon a new ticket, overdue invoice, or pending order, all without needing to refresh the page.

Easily Translatable

All of the text shown in this module is contained in an easily-configurable language file. The module uses the same naming scheme for language files that is used by WHMCS, and the module language is automatically selected based on the language you use in WHMCS.

Fully Configurable

All setting in this module can be set on an individual user basis, allowing each administrator to set the options that work best for them. The types of notifications you wish to receive, and the events you wish to receive notifications for, can all be configured easily.


Language file allows for easy customization
All settings are easily configurable on a per-admin basis
Title notifications give you quick information at a glance
Sample notification for a new pending order
Sample notification for a new overdue invoice
Sample notification for a new ticket awaiting a reply

Standard Version - $20 CAD

Annual License for 1 WHMCS site
  + 12 months support and updates.

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Version: 1.0.0
WHMCS V7 Compatible
WHMCS V6 Compatible
PHP 7 Compatible
PHP 5.6 Compatible

License Information

Purchase of this module includes an annual license, and one year of updates and support. Continued access to updates and support after this period will require the renewal of your license. A renewal order will be issued two weeks prior to your license expiring, and you can cancel your subscription at any time through the Client Area.

A Standard License allows you to install the module on one (1) WHMCS website. Installation on additional sites will require the purchase of additional licenses.

Install Instructions

  1. Download and unzip the module download from our site.
  2. Upload the module into your /modules/addons/ folder.
  3. Visit your admin area and navigate to Setup / Addon Modules.
  4. Click the module Activate button.
  5. Click Configure to display the module options.
  6. Enter your license key, and check the appropriate access rights.
  7. Click the Save button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything on my computer to receive notifications? No. The notifications shown by this module user the browser's built-in Notifications API. As long as the browser is open and a WHMCS page is open, the notifications will be shown. You do not need to be viewing the WHMCS page to receive notifications, you just need to have a WHMCS page loaded in the browser. That's the benefit of this module, it will work wherever you are with no need to install additional software.

What browsers will this module work with? Browser notifications are currently supported on desktop versions of Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

How many sites can I install the module on? The standard module license is valid for 1 WHMCS install only. Additional sites will require an additional license.

How can I suggest a new feature or improvement for this module? To suggest an improvement to this module, please Contact Us.


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