Account Transfer Terms of Service

We provide free account transfer services to customers who want to switch their website hosting from their current provider to TiVaHost. The details of this transfer service can be found below:

  • This free account transfer offer applies only to select hosting plans, as outlined on our Hosting Plans page.
  • Free account transfers are only available to customers on annual billing terms. Monthly hosting plans do not qualify unless otherwise stated.
  • To qualify for a free account transfer the transfer process must be initiated within 7 days of account activation.
  • In order to redeem a free account transfer offer you must complete the Transfer Request Form, and provide the required information about your existing hosting provider. The information requested will only be what is necessary for access to, and the ability to transfer, the necessary data from your exiting provider to TiVaHost servers.
  • In cases where a problem or error prevents us from being able to successfully transfer your data, without intervention from your current hosting provider, you authorize us to open any necessary support tickets with your existing hosting provider’s technical support department. In cases where we are not able to open support tickets directly, or further authorization is necessary, it will be your responsibility to relay details of the problem from TiVaHost to your existing hosting provider, and to relay their response back to us.
  • The following limitations apply to free account transfers:
    • For accounts being transferred from a cPanel server:
      • We must be able to generate, and download, a complete cPanel backup of your current hosting account.
      • The amount of data must be within your TiVaHost plan limits.
      • Your current hosting provider must be using a compatible version of cPanel.
      • If an error occurs during the transfer process a second attempt will be made at another time. If we encounter an error on two successive transfer attempts your transfer will be cancelled.
      • If a cPanel transfer cannot be completed due to errors, we will contact you with more information. If your account fits into the limitations below, under the section "For all other account transfers", we can proceed with your transfer under those guidelines.
    • For all other account transfers:
      • Maximum of 10GB of website content.
      • Maximum of 15 e-mail accounts.
      • Maximum of 10 MySql databases.
      • Configuration of up to 10 add-on/parked domains.
      • You are responsible for setting up any additional FTP accounts you may need.
      • We can provide assistance getting your SSL certificate copied over.
  • We endeavour to transfer your data successfully, however, sometimes problems do occur. We do not assume any liability for loss or corruption of data during the transfer process. It is highly recommended that you keep a local backup copy of your data before beginning the transfer process. Some issues which could prevent a successful transfer include:
    • Your current hosting provider uses an incompatible database, or database version.
    • Your current hosting provider uses a different version of PHP.
    • Your current hosting provider has an incompatible server configuration.
    • If there are errors, or time-outs, with your current hosting provider while we are attempting to backup or download your data.

    In these circumstances we will try our best to resolve the problems. In some cases it just takes a couple of minor modifications to your website to get it working after being transferred to our server.
  • While we strive to ensure your website transfer goes smoothly, we are not responsible for any issues that should arise, and we make no guarantees that all data will be copied successfully. Customers are required to double-check their website, and account, after the transfer process is completed to ensure all data has been copied successfully.
  • Important: Please note that you will need to leave your account active with your existing hosting provider until your account is completely transferred to TiVaHost and your domain is pointed to our server.
  • TiVaHost reserves the right to refuse any account transfer request at its sole discretion.


We Are Proud to Have Happy Customers in the Following Countries


Matt Hoover Design
"My previous host would go offline at exactly the wrong moment. Not only would I lose my important email connectivity, but my web site would be down also, and clients were unable to review design work that was almost always on a very tight schedule. TiVaHost has been a consistently superior hosting and email provider than my past ISP's. I have yet to experience any downtime that wasn't scheduled maintenance, my web site loads quickly every time, and my email is extremely reliable.

I would recommend them for the reasons listed above, and also because they make the transfer so easy. It's a very daunting task to try and take your entire business web site and email structure and migrate to a new ISP without a lot of trouble along the way. But TiVaHost made it very easy for me, conducting the transfer of my entire site and email history to their much more reliable service. I only had to authorize the process and TiVaHost took care of the rest for me, and I was up and running very quickly with no loss of data. The price for the service is unbelievably low. I'm amazed they can offer this level of service for such a reasonable price.

I wish I'd heard of TiVaHost sooner."
Matt Hoover, Owner, Matt Hoover Design (California, U.S.A.)
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