WordPress Update Service

Keeping your WordPress website updated is the single best thing you can do to ensure that your website is not compromised by people with malicious intent.

A WordPress website has three areas that need to be up-to-date to ensure it is secure:

WordPress Core Files: There are essentially the main WordPress application files.

WordPress Themes: These are the files that give your website its style, colours, and layout.

WordPress Plugins: These are WordPress add-ons that give your site additional functionality.

If either of these areas of your website are outdated you run a higher risk of having the security of your website compromised.

Today 80% of consumers want to be sure their online experiences are safe, making it critical to protect your site from malware, phishing scams, and more. Malware and phishing scams on your site can also get you blacklisted in search engines, impacting your business and website traffic.

Because so many of our customers use WordPress we now offer a service to help keep our customer's websites secure and up-to-date.

Our WordPress Update Service Includes:


We handle all the updates for WordPress, themes, and plugins. You no longer need to worry about keeping your site updated.


A monthly backup of your full website, that can be used to restore your site if something goes wrong.


A monthly report showing you a list of updates installed over the previous 30 days, and the status of your backups.

Available Upgrades

Advanced Security Check: The Advanced Security Check makes it easy for you to ensure that your website is clean, and if any files become infected you will be able to spot them on time. Automated scans are run on a regular basis, and you will be notified if any issues are found. Stop being in the dark when it comes to your security.

Advanced Performance Check: The Performance Check gives you insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing. It’s the first step to solving your problems, the Performance Check tells you what they are. It gives you a breakdown of the factors that are affecting your website. You can see each individual factor and its grade, as well as giving you recommendations on how to improve your website performance. You can also follow your website performance over time, marked on a timeline.

Advanced Backups: Having reliable backups is one of the cornerstones of WordPress website management. If an update fails, or your website crashes, it's imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. Advanced Backups takes the weight off your shoulders by running scheduled backups each day and making sure that an up-to-date backup is always ready. And since our backups are incremental and run off-site, it will successfully back up even the most problematic websites.

Price: $3.50 CAD / Month
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