GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan

Today 80% of consumers want to be sure their online experiences are safe, making it critical to protect your site from malware. Malware on your site can also get you blacklisted in search engines, impacting your business and website traffic. GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan checks your pages daily for malicious code and malware on your website. You receive instant, detailed reports when malware is found so you can clean up fast.

Websites that become infected with malware can be listed in an online database called StopBadware. This database is used by many service providers to identify, and block, websites that contain malware. Google is one of the large providers that uses this database.

If your websites becomes infected with malware, and is listed in the StopBadware database, e-mail from your domain may be marked as spam and search engines will show a warning beside your site in their search listings. Some browsers, including Firefox and Google Chrome, will also show your website visitors a full-page warning that your site is infected with malware, and most people will not continue to your website. There are number of security tools that will also behave in a similar fashion, blocking your website from the user's computer or mobile device if it finds your domain in the StopBadware database.

As you can see, keeping your website secure and malware-free is very important. The impact on your online sales, number of website visitors, and business reputation could be significant.

Our GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan service can help keep your site secure, and increase the confidence of your website visitors.

GeoTrust Brand

Leverage the #1 brand of SSL Certificates for the top 1 million most visited domains.

Daily Malware Scan

Daily malware scans monitor your site and alert you when malware is found.

Avoid Search Engine Blacklists

Don’t let malware take you off Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Immediate Infection Alerts

Receive email alerts the moment malware is found with details of the infection.

Which Anti-Malware Scan Is Right For Me?

Anti-Malware Scan Anti-Malware Scan with Seal
Scan Frequency
How often your pages are scanned
Daily Daily
End User Portal Access
Quick management and support
Yes Yes
Scan Depth
Number of pages scanned daily
5 pages 50 pages
On-Demand Scan
Quick confirmation of clean site status
- Yes
Anti-Malware Seal
Assure site visitors that your site is clean of malware
- Yes
Anti-Malware Scan
Price: $34.99 CAD / Year
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Anti-Malware Scan with Site Seal
Price: $99.99 CAD / Year
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